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Michelle Emson

Keynote Speaker, Author, and Human Rights Activist

Speaking Engagement

Available to speak on a variety of subjects but most especially around diversity, inclusivity, and the transgender journey


Truly embrace diversity and inclusivity in your organization with professional training customized to suit your team.


Michelle is an award-winning public speaker, educator, and storyteller.


Engaging workshops that explore diversity and inclusivity within your organization


Visibility is the cornerstone to acceptance. Michelle is happy to appear at your key events to promote this foundation.


Michelle is delighted to offer consulting services for organizations looking to embrace diversity.

Diversity & Inclusivity

Embracing diversity and inclusivity begins with the thorough understanding of what that means. You will learn about the many intersectionalities of diversity including, but not limited to, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, race, creed, geography, language, and many more.

The cultural transformation begins at the top with clear leadership but is dependent upon the entire organization to embrace diversity.

Transgender Experience

Transphobia is the irrational fear of transgender people.

Eradicate that fear within your organization by letting Michelle share her personal journey of transformation through her powerful, engaging, storytelling style.


About Me

I am a blend of so many things. Indeed, I embody diversity in just one life-experience! A devout technologist, solutions architect, author, speaker, workshop facilitator, documentary filmmaker, entrepreneur, musician, sound & lighting designer, and a lesbian woman with a transgender lived experience.

I am currently Digital Director for Women’s March Global; Executive Director for the Canadian Trans Network; Board Member of the Dignity Network; and Founder & CEO of Sanctuary Studios Inc.

In 2017 I was honouted to receive the 2017 YWCA Muskoka “Women of Distinction Award” and win the Speaker Slam “The Road Less Travelled” professional speaker’s competition.


“Michelle is an amazing human being. She lives more authentically than anyone I know. She publicly shares her experiences in ways that change people’s lives. To know Michelle is to open your mind and heart and grow as an individual.” ~ Nancy Osborne CD

“She has an amazing personality and her speech about her journey is one that I listen to over and over again. She’s an inspiration to all!” ~ Sarah Wray

“Michelle came prepared with a full lesson plan to teach diversity to my class of Grade 1-2 students that engaged them for the entire period” ~ Teacher, TLDBS

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